Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

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For many diehard mobile gamers, the announcement about the production of Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes was exhilarating news. Most fans had waited for more than a year for the application to get to the market with buzz and rumors doing the rounds so early on. This game lets you do everything for its famous characters. What’s more, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes lets you experience some of the most epic battles ever to happen in the galaxy.

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The Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a new game available for android devices and designed by Electronic Arts. It is played in turns whereby players are allowed to choose their famous characters to play it and compete in battles.

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Why do people like them so much? For one it is online. No one knows who you are and you can be anyone you have imagined to be. Also, there are always great graphics depending on the source of your computer. One that is hot right now would be Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. First, Star Wars is so popular that the game probably sold out about ten times. It has been around for a long time and I don’t think anyone can get enough of it. With the recent movie having come out people remerged themselves into the saga of it. It is truly amazing the way they keep the movies going and the plot interesting enough to make more of them.

Getting Unlimited Crystals is Now a Breeze

What you do is choose who you want to be on the game, choose the difficulty at which you want to play. Or challenge yourself. And then you just jump right in and start playing. Each character that you choose has their own weapons and forms of attacking. Plus every time you move up a level you get different types of powers and powers. So you want to make sure that you are advancing. When you start the way to win is to get to the end of the level with the best time possible. Once you do that you can try out another one of the heroes and test their abilities out as well. Or another option would be to create your own level to go through and fight. That sounds pretty fun to me. Who does not love an adventure? It makes you feel like you are really a part of that world.

What You Can Do

The different things that you can do are create a team. You can have rebel leaders on your side or have the empire with you. It all is up to you. Light or dark is the choice. And then when you build your team and defeat people you get to collect the other heroes that have fallen under your reign. Or you could do it all alone and defeat opponents while you make your way to the top. You can dominate and have non one be able to stop you. Then as you upgrade you can get abilities from the people you have defeated and unlock some of your own. And if that was not enough for you they have even added gaming gear to go along with the heroes. As if you weren’t going to be strong enough.

The gear that you attain is super strong and helps your attacks to be twice as strong as they normally would be. You will become unstoppable that you will be conquering in no time. You might even beat the game in one day with how much time you are going to want to dedicate to this game. With the epic battles, enhanced gear, and powerful heroes you are not going to want to put this game down. You are going to be stuck on your computer for days. Just don’t forget to look away for at least a moment.